Steam Lock Jones

Steam Lock Jones

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Serial, not Cereal


sljWIPSo, been doing some work on the game, all background support stuff really, no game play as yet, and at the same time, jotting down some notes on the universe as well as some notes on this first game. I have a bit of a story board now, and a story to go with it, though it needs a lot of polish, it’s giving me a framework to start putting game elements together.

While writing the story board for the first game in this universe, I thought about making a it a serial, I kind of like this idea, because the games can be short and sweet as you know the next episode is a month or so off. But also, seeing as I have this server and (with any luck) this game to play, how about all the players made the decisions for the story path them selves…..?

I am thinking, at the end of each ‘episode’ I give the players a poll to fill in, so the end of this first game will ask the players who they should work for next. All these votes can then be stored on my server, and the highest votes is the direction the next episode will go in. If there are not enough votes or there is a tie, then ill have the deciding vote, but the idea is to let you the player, decide the direction of the story.

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